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Top 5 Law Schools

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Starting a university is a huge step that signifies a person’s crossing into adulthood. And of course, everyone wants to go to a good university and receive a better education, and especially the law students. But, how to decide which law school is good, and which is bad? By listening to advices, recommendations and gossips? Well, thankfully, there are web sites that deal with this issue, and list all the best law schools in the world.

The list hasn’t changed much in the past couple of years, which means that these first 5 law schools in the list are well established in their positions. So, without any further ado, here is the list of top 5 Law Schools in the world in 2014.

#5 New York University (NYU)

The American New York University came in fifth on this list, and replaced the Australian University of Melbourne that held this position in 2013.


New York University is a private university based in the City of New York. Many people prefer this university to other because it is believed to be non-elitist and that the students were down to earth. But, it wasn’t like that when it was founded by Albert Gallatin, the Secretary of Treasury, in 1831. Back then, most students were members of a privileged class. However, Gallatin wanted the university to be opened for all people, and his ideals remained unchanged to this very day.

#4 Yale University

Yale University came in fourth on this list, and held that place for a couple of years now.

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It was founded in 1701 in the home of Abraham Pierson, the first rector of this university. The Law School in Yale University was founded in 1843, as the university started to expand. Now, Yale has entered its fourth century, and wants to establish itself as a global university for the future world leaders.

#3 University of Cambridge

The British University of Cambridge takes the third place in this list, even though it was positioned second in 2013.


This university was founded in 1209, and is rich in history. Its students come from all over the world, but mostly from the countries of the British Commonwealth. Its Faculty of Law is famous for its teaching methods and high-quality research in the field of law. The faculty also has a three-store big Squire Law Library, which contains numerous large collections of books from other major common law countries.

#2 University of Oxford

The University of Oxford replaced Cambridge in the second position, which is a huge advance considering that in occupied the third place in 2013.


This British University is located in the city of Oxford, in England. It was established around a century ago, and is the world’s second-oldest surviving university. Its Faculty of Law has numerous research centers which offer new advances in the field of law. This faculty is unique, as it uses personalized tutorials, which are taught by faculty fallows. This Faculty of Law offers the largest doctoral program in the area of law of the English-speaking world.

#1 Harvard University

For several years now, the American Harvard University has occupied the first place.


It is a private Ivy League university, which was established in 1636 by a wealthy slave-owner Isaac Royal, while its Law School was established in 1817. It is the oldest surviving law school in the United States, and hosts the largest academic law library in the world! Most of the finished students of this law school, or 86.9% of them, find full-time employments in 9 months after graduating.